Confidential Delay

by revy

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Released on Make Mistakes

Time to go on a groovy outer space adventure with Make Mistakes and interdimensional space time traveler Revy. Let's get abyssal. Bobbing along, through the weightless expanse of the places between, Confidential Delay brings us into the stream of all things. A housey, patient affair, with a slow burn, possibilities slipping in and out of being, wrapped in a delicate, probing synth, and dub sensibilities. Passing out of the spaces between, we emerge into deep space, and the unknown. Chaotic and swirling, but with an underlying form, of maddening mathematics, Lunch Arps; the sonic window into new worlds. Sound echoes and bounces, subtle, driving bass and kick, swirling pads, a hardening of the soul for the journey towards dawn and final realization. And with Twisted Gizmo, we arrive at the new world, but all is not as it should be, for there are things in the universe that man cannot, and should not comprehend. Tense restraint, belies a heavy groove, throbbing bass and fleeting snatches of sound. Melting eldritch tones, a mind that will never be the same. Damn. Intense shit, y'all. Space.


released October 28, 2013

Mastering by Roy England



all rights reserved


revy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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